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As a cancer survivor I know how it feels to deal with hair loss

Hello! I’m Debbie

Cancer survivor and founder of Hats for Hairloss

In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through my chemotherapy treatment I suffered hair loss,  which I found devastating. So yeah, I know how you feel, and I know how depressing it can be.

I looked into wearing a wig, and at first I was quite excited about the choices available and the ability to change my look. The reality was very different, I found it physically and psychologically uncomfortable. I felt I was pretending to have hair when in fact I did not. As a result, whenever I went out in public with my wig on, I was self-conscious, always looking for my reflection to assure me that I looked OK with this strange thing on my head. The wig made me hot and irritable … so I needed a new solution.

My Search for a hat …

I have always loved wearing hats and have never found them uncomfortable to but the hats I had were not suitable as they did not cover all of my bald head.

Therefore as I could not find anything suitable to wear I looked into creating my own hats & wraps. I made hats to colour co-ordinate with what I was wearing. I loved the fact I could create styles that were fashionable and made to enhance my clothing.

Suddenly my confidence soared and I relished the opportunity to go out and about. 

As a fortunate survivor of cancer, I wanted to pass on that feeling of confidence to more cancer patients. So, once my treatment was done I decided to help others and so began Hats for Hairloss.


Hats for Hairloss

  • Set up in
  • Supplied …. hats 
  • Leading handmade headware for hair loss. 

Charity Work

We work with Headwrappers – a charity giving free support, advice and gorgeous headscarves to anyone experiencing hair loss as part of cancer treatment. Offering individual and group sessions in three centres in London – Maggie’s Cancer Support Centre in Charing Cross Hospital; BMI Bishops Wood Hospital, Northwood;  and the MacMillan Cancer Support Centre at the East Surrey Hospital, Redhill.


" Debbie offers a great service and they arrived promptly. Very comfortable to wear and pretty. I discovered this site last time I went through chemo and went straight back this time without even looking for other sites."

Sheila, January 2019

"Since losing my hair to chemo in July I’ve often found it a challenge to find headwear that is stylish, really comfortable and affordable. With many expensive mistakes sitting in the cupboard I am so thrilled to find Debs and her wonderful range, someone who from experience understands what we are going through."

Anne-Marie, Sep 2018

"Love my new hat! I have had so many compliments which has completely boosted my confidence. I am so grateful as Alopecia can rob you of your femininity and sense of style. But now I actually feel lucky to be able to wear such funky hats due to my hair loss. I will be ordering many more thank you so much."

Dee, March 2018

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